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Levi SHOWALTER and Mahala WADE family

Levi SHOWALTER was born 8 January 1814 in Adams County, Pennsylvania. He was the son of Daniel SHOWALTER and Susannah RODE. On 25 April 1837, Levi married Mahala WADE in Hancock County, Ohio.

Mahala WADE was born 20 November 1815 in Virginia to George WADE and Sarah JONES. She died on 28 November 1857 and was buried in Clymer Cemetery in Union Township, Hancock County, Ohio.

After Mahala's death, Levi married Sarah WATKINS, the widow of Thomas DEWESE and his daughter's future mother in law. Levi and Sarah were married on 15 April 1858 in Hancock County. Sarah died in 1881 and Levi remarried Mary A SICKAFOOSE on 14 September 1882 in Hancock County.

Levi SHOWALTER and Mahala WADE had 9 children.

Sarah Jane SHOWALTER was born 19 Jan 1838. She died young and was buried in Clymer Cemetery.

Harrison W SHOWALTER was born 18 Jun 1840. He married Mary Amanda HENRY on 13 May 1867 in Hancock County. He married second Sarah Jane TALLEY on 24 November 1872 in Wayne County, Ohio. Harrison died on 29 April 1912 in Harrisville, Medina County, Ohio.

Daniel W SHOWALTER was born 25 May 1842. He died on 27 June 1864 while fighting in the Civil War at Keneshaw Mountain.

Susannah Darlisca SHOWALTER was born 25 May 1842. She married her step brother, Flavius DEWESE on 1 January 1860 in Hancock County. Susannah died on 22 April 1922 in Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio.

Phoebe Diana SHOWALTER was born 1 October 1846. She married William H RICHARDS on 4 September 1864 in Hancock County. Phoebe died on 17 Jul 1880 in Essex, Clinton County, Michigan.

Zachariah Taylor SHOWALTER was born 7 November 1848. He married Mary A LINK on 17 October 1873 in Hancock County. Zachariah died on 1 November 1942 in Findlay, Hancock County, Ohio.

George W SHOWALTER wsa born 22 December 1850. He married Cynthia E DUNLAP on 30 September 1875 in Hancock County.

Lydia Ann SHOWALTER was born 18 December 1852. She married Orland Jessie VICKERS on 20 June 1874 in Hancock County. She died in October of 1936 in Union Township, Hancock County, Ohio.

Joseph A SHOWALTER was born 19 December 1855. He married Sarah Catherine SWARTS on 22 March 1885 in Mercer County, Ohio. He died on 27 June 1923 in Bath, Allen County, Ohio.

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