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Flavius DEWESE and Susanah SHOWALTER family

Flavius DEWESE was born 17 January 1835 in Wayne County, Ohio to Thomas DEWESE and Sarah WATKINS. By 1840, the family had moved to Hancock County, Ohio. His father died in 1853 and his mother married Levi SHOWALTER in 1858.

Levi and his first wife Mahala WADE had a daughter Susannah Darlisca SHOWALTER on 1 October 1844. Mahala died in 1857.

On 1 January 1860, Flavius DEWESE married his step-sister, Susannah SHOWALTER in Hancock County, Ohio. On 13 September 1862, Flavius joined Company G, 118th Regiment Ohio Infantry. He was approved for his civil war pension on 28 June 1880. Flavius and Susannah lived in Hancock County until 1899 when they moved to Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio.

Flavius died on 17 July 1911 in Toledo. Susannah died on 22 April 1922 in Toledo. They were buried in Woodlawn Cemetery.

They had 8 children:
Louretta O DEWESE died as infant

Victoria A DEWESE was born 17 January 1866 and died 28 December 1862. She was buried in Clymer Cemetery in Union Township, Hancock County, Ohio.

Sanford Howell DEWESE was born 6 May 1866. He married Bertha E STRATTON on 7 March 1886. She died 4 months later. He then married Mary Rosa ANDERSON on 8 August 1891 in Hancock County. Sanford died on 27 July 1936 in Toledo.

Milton Orvill DEWESE was born 4 June 1868.

Alvin Virgil DEWESE was born 3 March 1871 in Orange Township, Hancock County, Ohio. He married Mary Florence KELLY on 17 May 1898 in Hancock County. He died 1954 and was buried in Clymer Cemetery in Union Township, Hancock County, Ohio.

Grace E DEWESE was born 25 January 1875 in Hancock County, Ohio. She married Joseph N MCVEY on 2 February 1890 in Hancock County. She died 1 January 1951 in Tiffin, Seneca County, Ohio.

Francis M DEWESE was born 11 October 1876 in Hancock County, Ohio. He married Bertha E BASSETT on 24 December 1904 in Lucas County, Ohio. He died 2 March 1965 in Toledo.

Harry Clyde DEWESE was born 28 November 1881 in Hancock County, Ohio. He married Delilah AKE on 15 January 1902 in Monroe, Monroe County, Michigan. He died on 14 January 1963 in Toledo.

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